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Whitney Fromm Dewey is a proven leader who naturally excels at drawing a team or group together, mentoring and developing young leaders, facilitating the growth of seasoned leaders, and delivering exceptional client experiences. She worked as a leader within Nike, Inc. for eight years; overseeing a ten-million-dollar inventory, a bustling local consumer base, and a diverse team of eighty leaders and associates. The primary focus of her role was on the leadership and development of senior leaders within the store, using Nike’s Manager Manifesto of Lead, Coach, Drive, and Inspire. She currently supports Leadership for the Generations, LLC as Senior Account Manager, in addition to freelance work. Whitney collaborates on leadership training projects editing, providing graphic design, curriculum research and support, instructional design strategy, and classroom facilitation.


In addition to her bachelor’s degree and professional certificates, Whitney is a lifestyle learner – she is an ICF accredited ACC coach, a DiSC certified training partner, and currently pursuing a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership at Johns Hopkins University.


She and her husband are based in the Savannah area, and navigate life with their two toddlers, ages 3 and 5, and two oversized dogs (German-Shepherd/Husky mixes). Between parenting, grad school, and Ryan's work in the fire service, their plates are always full, but not nearly as full as their hearts!


As a leader, Whitney strives to challenge others through thought-provoking coaching, to inspire through creative design, and to impact through powerful communication.

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Greater Savannah, Georgia


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